Workaholic /ˌwɜː(r)kəˈhɒlɪk/ (noun)

An exceptional human being that prioritizes their wellness and is determined to succeed with no boundaries or limitations.

A person who constantly does what they love, says yes to opportunities, and makes time to unwind outside of their work.


Workaholics mission is to empower members to achieve extraordinary feats, maximize their potential, and express their best selves through their greatest work. We believe everyone should love what they do and deserves a space that motivates them.


Our vision is to create dynamic and multicultural environments where both individuals and companies can unite to produce their best work.


We’re More Than A Workspace.
Our team is obsessively passionate about changing the world/face of work in Doha.

Our workspace is a foundation for the world’s/Qatar’s leading brands to positively transform our community/the world.
Creating the Workaholics workspace did not happen overnight. It took a lot of hard work. We lived and breathed the workaholics’ life when designing and redesigning the space to accommodate you.

Over 100 designs later today, we pride ourselves in having put up the most energetic and eclectic space to maximize your creativity and productivity.
We not only provide Qatar’s most convenient workspace, but through our membership, we create countless opportunities for members to scale their operations and succeed at their ventures.
Our workspace is for those who want to: experiment, network, grow and live a fulfilling life.
You Belong Here.


Our spaces have been designed to allow you to enjoy seamless productivity in an ergonomically mindful, relaxed environment that is not quite like an office and not quite like your home.
No detail was spared in ensuring our spaces allow you to experience the creative imagination of an atelier, the pumped-up energy of your favorite chill spot, the comfort of your home, and all the elements of a professional office.


Get inspiration, meet with like-minded members and enjoy work-life balance at your home away from home. Our members share a few things in common: they hunger and search for intellectual challenges and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. They continuously invest in their success while enjoying an uncompromising quality of life. Lastly, they collaborate in learning and running successful companies. Workaholics Qatar is a place you will love and your clients admire.
However you plan to spend your day, we hope Workaholics becomes your go-to inspiration center.



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Networking Events

With Workaholics exclusive “Opportunities Board” you can share your company and what you do with everyone and find connections that you are looking for to network with.Our inspiring and creative office space will serve as the base to network with other businesses and exchange benefits and services that you would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Secretarial Services

Let our expert team of consultants take care of all the secretarial services you and your business need and free up your time to focus on what matters – your business’s success and growth.
Our consultants are expertly trained to handle and manage all the administration and receptionist services and see to any other ad-hoc requests you might have.

One on one meeting

Have that critical and private meeting in one of our work booths designed for privacy and minimal distraction. Our work booths provide the perfect space to promote meaningful discussions and inspiration.

Open Space

Work in an inspiring & creative space along with many companies that will serve your needs.
Modern dedicated work desk among like-minded individuals to network with and create a community.
Our Open & Co-Working spaces comes with secretarial services and amenities while allowing you the freedom & space to network with like-minded individuals.

Chill out lounge

In between important meetings and signing those big deals, you can come and relax in our chill-out lounge designed to restore and recharge.
Our modern and fun lounge provides the perfect Zen atmosphere to take a breather from your busy tasks. At Workaholics, we know and understand that a work/life balance is vital, and therefore we created this chill-out lounge where you can come to destress, unwind and relax.
The chill-out lounge can also double up for any meet-ups or informal meetings if you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.
Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured that we have got you covered at Workaholics.

Bar & Terrace

Beautiful views of the Doha skyline can be seen from our open-air terrace, where you can step out and enjoy the beauty that Doha has to offer.
Take a minute or three to yourself when needed, breathe some fresh air,and enjoy the desert sun.

Virtual Office

This solution is suitable for those who only need a business address in Qatar with several packages.